How much does a website cost in South Africa?

Let’s face it, we live in an era where every kid with a smartphone knows more about technology than the average parent. This is evident when kids in Grade 6 are learning how to make use of CSS and HTML, and if you don’t know what that is, make sure you read to the end. So given the above context, how much does a website cost in South Africa n 2021?

The Truth:

Web designers are everywhere, and we know for a fact they’ll be able to execute on your needs (or not) depending on which side of the spectrum you’re on. The sad truth is that a lot of ill-educated people also compete in this spectrum, and this could do a lot more harm than good in the long run. Having a good Web Designer or Developer is the most important factor in finding a functional solution.

To better understand this, let’s first define “functional solution”

1. Hosting

It all starts with hosting, without proper hosting, your website could end up swimming in the deep end of the World Wide Web. Good hosting must always be suggested by the designer, and in even better cases, they will recommend good hosting practices. Although not always included in the website cost, most reliable web designers offer their own hosting solutions to make it easier for them to maintain the website.

2. CMS/Development:

A good designer sometimes makes use of Content Management System (CMS) to save on time, WordPress is the most common example among those options, making up for 14% of the world’s top 100 Websites, and 30% of the entire World Wide Web, according to this article. Developers might offer more customized solutions, this is very good for larger companies, as this provides a white-label solution that performs a specific function required by the company but will almost always increase the website cost.

3. Website Security:

Hackers are very real, and even more so, much more active. A good designer will suggest a more bespoke solution, such as a higher verification SSL certificate, or Website Firewall. This is where worst designers flunk out, and this is where their (dis)service becomes a risk to your company and data. You should always endorse higher forms of security, hackers won’t ever stop hacking, you need to make it harder for them to crack into your valuable data. This service might increase the website cost.

4. Additional Functionality:

These are usually included in the website cost and could be anything from integrating your social media, to getting added on Google’s search engine (SEO). A good designer will always offer additional services because they understand the value it brings to your company. “Bad” designers tend to have little knowledge of these important benefactors and are less likely to offer anything above their narrow understanding of web design.

So now that we have a good understanding of a “functional solution” let’s look at pricing:

Pricing a website is a bit of a mystery to the world, but mostly to web designers.

Here’s why:

Think of a website as if it were a house, building, or structure. Web designers are a little bit like engineers, the best designers know how to place certain elements in certain pages to make it inviting and appealing to those walking by(visitors). In order to draw the attention of the general public, and all those clients you’re hoping to meet, web designers need to know their way around the visual aspects, pretty much as well as they understand the structure of the entire project.

With this said, certain designers choose to offer services at an hourly rate, and other designers prefer to offer quotations based on the entire project and everything involved. Regardless of these explanations, the website cost will always be based on either an hourly rate (in most cases by developers) or a fixed website cost based on the entirety of the project requirements.

What to look for in any website cost:

1. What they include vs. Their price.

2. Are they flexible with adding or removing certain items from invoices to maintain your budget?

3. Last but not least, can they execute on your idea effectively?

The last question may feel like a bit of a gamble, and if this is the case, the quickest way of solving this is to ask for a few examples of their previous work, remember to look for their mark on the bottom-most part of the website(AKA the Footer), commonly phrased “Designed By XYZ Company”. Study their examples in detail, do you see any inconsistencies? Do you find anything in particular out of place or “weird” if yes, then they’re probably not a good fit? However, if their examples are stunning, and it confirms their marks, they should be a good fit for your company!

Website Cost in South Africa

The question around pricing, should only ever be relevant to YOU. If you think about it, websites are a truly amazing way your company can be found online, and in 2021, 90% of the human population makes use of Social Media, Search Engines, and websites to connect with their service providers and brands. If you’re not online, you’re actually missing out on thousands of potential clients right now. We can help you set up your website today learn more here.

Website Costs in South Africa could range anywhere between R850 – R90k+, with this broad-spectrum, there are way too many factors involved, to sum up, the good from the bad, but there are a few ground rules to figuring out if it’s a good fit for you.

1. You aren’t just “buying a website” you are actually investing in an online outlet where prospective clients and customers could connect with your company.

2. You shouldn’t feel discouraged to pay for something, just because you can’t physically hold it in your hands. It holds a greater purpose for your company, this should be your main objective.

3. Good designers tend not to “cheap out” on their prices just because they aren’t making a sale. Such designers are aware of the amount of labor, time, and effort required to bring your vision to life, they deserve to be compensated for their hard work.

4. Good designers do all the hard thinking for their clients, making it easier to obtain realistic goals, at reasonable prices. A bad designer won’t necessarily be able to come up with a possible solution, as their untrained minds lack the knowledge necessary to produce good results.

5. CMS vs. Custom Developments; CMS will almost always be cheaper than custom developments, reason being, in a CMS, the foundation has already been put in place, and the designer can place more focus on the design, rather than worrying about all the coding in the backend(the millions of lines of code you DON’T see)

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