Going Online Could Save Your Business During COVID 19

Let’s Face It…

Being under lock-down in South Africa hasn’t helped anyone for any reason whatsoever. And if anything, it has caused more hardship and despair among business owners in our country. Which is exactly why the research team at Wolfe&Co. has decided to take a closer look at what can be done to improve your bottom line, and exactly how going online could save your business during COVID 19.

The Facts: What has changed during COVID 19?

  • Social distancing has become the norm.
  • Internet usage in South Africa has risen by over 150% since the lock-down started.
  • Local businesses are less frequently visited as a result of social distancing.
  • Social Media usage has risen significantly.
  • South African Postal service has come to a standstill.
  • Print media and other local advertising have become ineffective.
  • Remote work has become the norm.

It becomes clear that normal methods of attracting business are no longer applicable in these trying times. We are left to resort to alternative methods of advertising and obtaining an interest in our businesses and/or services to make revenue during COVID 19. But there are a few things we can be certain about, such as making use of social media to obtain a following from our audiences, clients, or customers. As well as making use of the internet to obtain market interest and in turn, boost our revenue, at least to the point that we are able to survive the lock-down period.

How to Save Your Business During COVID 19:

Become involved on Social Media

Social media has become the main hangout for society during COVID 19. Making sure your business is on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other major social media platforms are significantly increasing your business’ visibility to the public.

Have a Website that is SEO Friendly and Responsive

Having a website is the easiest and most effective way of making sure your customers or clients are able to connect with your services and are able to find you via Google and other search engines. Make sure your website is up to standard with 2020 responsive layouts and designs. a recent study shows 82% of all internet users are browsing from their mobile devices. Simple Ask Our Team for assistance if you need more info on this step.

Setup an Online Shop

Setting up an online shop is definitely the best route to go during COVID-19, as social distancing increases, local supermarkets, and shopping centers become less visited, having an online shop is the most efficient way of selling your products during the lock-down period. If you need more information on how to set up an online shop, we’re more than able to help, simply get in touch with us by filling in this form.

Make use of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing involves advertising on platforms such as Google, Facebook and Instagram. Even LinkedIn and Twitter have business advertising outlets available, and are proven to make an impact on your social and online reach as a business. Making use of digital marketing can be complicated for inexperienced users, which is why we encourage those to get in touch for more information.

Consistency is Key!

Although these methods are not full proof, there is no “quick and easy” route to obtaining consistent traffic(trust us, we’ve tried it all!) the only way to truly keep your audience growing and get new leads on a recurring basis, is to keep your posts consistent. Post regularly on social media and/or other media such as blogs, Whatsapp groups, and other methods of self-advertising. save your business during COVID 19 and post often, keep your audience engaged!

Alternatives: Using events, groups, and Social Media features to get ahead

We’ve recently discovered that during COVID-19, many businesses and entrepreneurs have made use of a few key features on Social media to get the most out of their audiences, these features are sometimes hidden and/or unheard of, and sometimes just downright obvious! Some of these features include the following:

  1. LinkedIn Events
  2. Zoom Live Stream
  3. Instagram Live Q&A
  4. Facebook Groups & Group Rooms
  5. WordPress & Wix Blog Posts – Need a blog design? We can help!


With this said, we’d like to end this post off on a good note; when you share this post on your Facebook page, we will credit you with a 15% discount voucher on your next quote! How to claim Discount: Simply use the hashtag #wolfesupport and make the post visible to public, and we’ll send you a message with your Voucher!

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