A Little Bit About Wolfe&Co.

Wolfe&Co. Who?

Wolfe&Co. is a contemporary design agency that was established in 2019. Our main goal at Wolfe&Co. is to help young and fresh brands reach their full online potential. We do so by helping our clients establish a need for their product within their market or industry and set out several achievable goals to obtain their target audience.

Our Focus

Our focus is to aid and assist startups and larger enterprises through the process of becoming well established online entities. Wolfe&Co. is a results-driven agency, enabling us to provide clear and concise statistics to help you better understand your audience.

Our Values

Our Mission

We aim to create iconic brands and identities that truly make a positive impact on their audience and the world.

Our Vision

“Virtutis praemium” – This means virtues of high moral standards are rewarding to those who place importance on such values.

Our Passion

Our passion is to find the underlying driving force or motivation behind an idea or dream, and turn it into a tangible reality.

Our Process


Step 1. Let’s start off with getting to know your idea, whether planning on starting a new brand, or simply launching a new website.


Step 2. Once you tell us about your brilliant idea, we quantify everything into a digestible format for you to understand.


Step 3. A Brief is then constructed, listing everything necessary for you to keep track of what needs to be implemented and completed.


Step 4. This is the part we love! We turn your vision into a reality by carrying out all necessary tasks, and breathe life into your project.


Step 5. Once we’re happy, and all quality standards have been evaluated, we present the project to you for feedback.


Step 6. Once the final changed are processed and completed, the final design is ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each project has unique challenges and time frames. Each Project is scheduled with the use of milestones, to ensure that we reach our deadlines in the correct amount of time. Each milestone is like a piece of a puzzle, making sure your project reaches its full potential in all of its aspects.

Simple! Go to either of our services pages through the menu above, Menu > Services¬†and select the service you’d like us to help you with. On each page is a user friendly contact form to help you get started.

Wolfe&Co. is staffed by only the finest of designers and digital nomads. Over the years we have collaborated with many famous brands to create digital masterpieces. Wolfe&Co. boasts a complete Adobe Partner Certification, as well as Full Stack Web Development and Design Certifications.

To create a perfect balance between quality service and affordability, we offer a range of prices for each service. We remain true to our saying, “Quality Over Quantity” which means you’re getting your money’s worth each and every time.

We make use of social media platforms, search index consoles along with the direct influence of market research to obtain your financial goals.

If you aren’t able, or too busy to take care of website maintenance yourself, you’re more than welcome to sign a Service Level Agreement with us, meaning you’ll pay a monthly fee, and we’ll keep things running smoothly.

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